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Google's Disavow Tool

Any time Google makes an announcement that directly references SEO, the internet marketing world rightly gets into a bit of a frenzy. Yesterday, Google announced a new tool, the Link Disavow tool, the use of which they explain the point of here:

“If you’ve been notified of a manual spam action based on “unnatural links” pointing to your site, this tool can help you address the issue…We send you this message when we see evidence of paid links, link exchanges, or other link schemes that violate our quality guidelines. If you get this message, we recommend that you remove from the web as many spammy or low-quality links to your site as possible.”

Obviously, this is a big development for any SEO who has had sites negatively impacted by bad links pointing at it, whether from their own doing or from sites out of their control. So it’s safe to assume that quite a few SEOs are going to be running to use this tool as quickly as possible to try and recover their rankings by disavowing all of their bad links. Read more…