Spend Your Time On Keyword Research...Not Collecting Data

Here at serpIQ.com, we’ve grown rather tired of the endless repetition of conjecture and disinformation that’s spouted by “marketers” with an agenda. Need facts to support your new special offer or info product? Why not make them up? Just spin the facts a little to support your position. It’s OK, most of the newbie marketers you’re selling to will never see it coming.

We’re going to do it a little differently though. Here at serpIQ, we strongly believe in aggregated data analysis instead of anecdotal examples. Let’s be honest, you can “prove” that any SEO technique works simply because of the size of the SEO community and the anomalies that exist in ranking algorithms.

However, these one-off examples aren’t helpful and they aren’t definitive by any means. What is helpful is a set of best practices, derived from aggregate data, which you can add to your current SEO strategies in order to increase your chances of ranking higher.

We’ve decided to share data that few people in the world even have access to. We use these trends and insights to dictate our own SEO best practices on our sites as well as when we consult with private clients. Read more…