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White Hat SEO Webinar

serpIQ and Higher Click White Hat SEO Webinar Extravaganza

At serpIQ, we love to collaborate with people much smarter than us in a variety of fields.  Tonight, we invited Gael Breton of Higher Click to join us to share the philosophy behind his unique approach to white hat SEO.  As a former grey hatter, Gael understands the value of scalability and outsourcing, but also knows that to win in today’s game, you need to be offering major value and extremely high quality content.  We talked for 1.5 hours about how White is the New Grey when it comes to SEO in the post-penguin era.

Gael dropped some amazing tactics and strategies, so much so that our heads exploded with information.  We got a great response from those who attended, but realize that it’s a lot of information to take in at one time.  We went ahead and listed out all of the resources and tactics Gael mentioned, as well as posted the recorded webinar for all of you.  Before we get to all of that goodness, here are some special promotions that we’re doing for all of you that tuned in (or are tuning in now!):

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Key Takeaways

  • Care about revenue, not rankings.  Sites ranking well and not making money < sites ranking poorly but printing money.
  • You can get clean, white-hat, quality links as inexpensively as you can buy spam.
  • Blend white hat strategy with black/grey hat mentality – build scalable white hat SEO systems.
  • Stop relying on Google for all of your conversions.  Google gets them in the door, but you need to convert visitors into FB Likes, Email, etc. so you can remarket in the future.

Gael’s Must Have White Hat SEO Tools

  • Boomerang for GmailAllows you to bring emails back to inbox if you don’t get a response and schedule emails to send at a later date.
  • BufferappHelps you keep a regular flow of content through your social media profiles.
  • InboxQ – Searches Twitter for people asking questions around your keywords, allowing you to answer them and build relationships (Gael is BIG on InboxQ)
  • Kippt - Collaborative bookmarking that plays nicely with Bufferapp
  • Link Clump – Lets you drag a selection box around links and open, save, or copy them
  • Rapportive – Pulls social media profiles in Gmail.  Great for outreach.
  • RSS Subscription Extension - Auto detects RSS feeds and allows you to subscrible quickly
  • Search by Image - Google service that allows you to search images and find link opportunities.
  • ChromeSEO - Great SEO toolbar for Chrome.
  • Toutapp - Email templating, tracking, and scheduling.  Great for outreach.

Content Creation Resources

Forget ODesk, Fiverr, TextBroker for truly good writers.  Instead, use:

Use Quora to get great ideas for content – people often ask very detailed questions and give very detailed answers on this site.  You can take some of the most talked about questions and have your writer bundle them up into a high quality post that touches on everything that these people want to know.

Use AllTop to get the most shared and popular articles in any vertical.  They also accept your RSS feed if you are posting regularly, so you can get great links by being listed on their site.

Use UberSuggest to get content ideas.  They have a unique setup where they take your keyword and then list alphabetically any additional longtails that they’ve found, which makes it easy to find content ideas quickly.

Use Topsy to find the top stories for certain keywords.  You can look at the date and article that was most popular on that day, then get ideas to spin out new content from there.

Content Promotion Resources

  • Use FollowerWonk to find relevant people to connect with on Twitter.  Pick two people that would be good to connect with in your niche and then use the service to figure out which people both of your targets follow – then reach out to them.  This can help you get right down to the true influencers in your niche.
  • Use Darrin’s (our founder’s) strategy for really easy, white hat blog commenting.
  • Build karma on community sites like Inbound, Reddit, Hacker News, etc.
  • Use InboxQ (thanks to Alex Fusman for letting me know about a bad link here) to find questions that people in your niche are asking on Twitter.  You can then connect them to people that you know and strengthen your connection, or recommend them to a service that you know and love…and build a relationship with the people behind that service.  It also allows you to build your audience naturally by being a helpful person.  Gael used InboxQ to recommend ASmallOrange hosting to a potential client, then built a relationship with them to get a PR5 guest post!
  • If you create truly awesome content, you can pay $0.10c/visit on StumbleUpon to get some eyeballs.  Because StumbleUpon is designed for high bounce, make sure your content is above the fold and is very clear on what a visitor should engage with to lower bounces.
  • You can also promote your posts on Facebook (harder to organically market on FB now) if your audience is in your niche and you are fairly sure it’ll get shares.

Getting Links Resources

  • Use InboxQ to follow up and connect a customer to a business, then reach out to either for guest posting and linking opportunities.
  • Be genuine and make friends with your target market’s influencers.
  • Google+ is a dofollow PR9 root domain link.  Most authors are linking to their Google+ page as well, so you get a lot of links to the page, which then links out to all of your content.
  • People that retweet and share your stuff often have blogs of their own.  Reach out to them for guest posts since they’ve already shown you some love.  This follows for people that have commented on your blog as well.
  • Testimonials for the services that you use can be a good link source for small-medium SaaS companies.  Bigger companies will generally be too busy, unless you are a big player.
  • You can sponsor events on Meetup for $5 and get great dofollow links while also helping out your community.
  • A time honored classic: 404 linking strategy from Jon Cooper.
  • This CSS Gallery submission site got Gael 20+ PR 3-5 links for $20, simply by having unique and creative CSS on his site.
  • Help a Reporter Out is always a good way to connect to people that can get you the BIG, JUICY links.  Response rate will be low, but if you get a bite it can pay off HUGE.

Thanks for Tuning In!

We truly hope that these strategies have shined a light on the way that people at the top of the SEO game are approaching white-hat SEO right now.  Gael is an amazing SEO and we can’t thank him enough for divulging some of his secrets to growing revenue for clients like Macy’s, 99Designs, and UK celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.  By the way, if this list is still overwhelming for you, we’ll be turning it into an actionable guerilla SEO strategy for you all in later posts.

If you enjoyed the webinar, you might be interested in checking out serpIQ and Higher Click…we’re both offering discounts for people who have checked out the webinar below:

We’d love to improve our webinars for you in the future.  If there’s something you would like us to cover in a future webinar, or a way that we can make our webinars better, let us know in the comments!


  1. Great article, good strategies. In my opinion, a lot of patience is required at times for white hat SEO, but it’s definitely worth it for the long-term benefits. Succeeding online, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint.

    • Thanks Dr. Lockett! Agreed – patience is key, but if you keep building, you’ll keep seeing results trickle in. Eventually they’ll POUR in, but as you say, that’s at the finish line of the marathon.

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Spend Your Time On Keyword Research...Not Collecting Data