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What’s New With serpIQ? August Roadmap

serpIQ August Roadmap

We’ve been collecting a lot of customer feedback this summer, and from that we have brainstormed some great ways to make serpIQ better for all of you. Here’s a broad overview of what we’ve been working on under the hood…feel free to comment or drop us an email at support@serpiq.com if you have any questions!

By the way, if you haven’t already filled out our survey, pop over to the dashboard and check it out!

User Interface

We’re reworking our entire user interface to be much more user friendly and feel more like a comprehensive SEO analysis tool. By implementing PJAX (no page loads) and a more intuitive navigational system, we think you’ll find that serpIQ is much easier to use and the results are easier to understand.

Additionally, a lot of the information that we provide in our Competition Analyzer is displayed more visually. Our goal is to present our data for both visual and non-visual researchers, so we’ll be complementing all raw data with graphs and visualizations where possible.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the primary and secondary navigation bars for our Competition Analyzer are going to look like:

On-page Analyzer

We’re adding the ability to upload bulk URLs and their respective keywords to our On-page Analyzer. This is going to make it a lot easier for you to check your entire website’s on-page SEO, speeding up your optimization process quite a bit.

Competition Analyzer

We’re building out a lot of new functionality for our flagship tool. The Competition Analyzer is designed to give you two things:

  1. A bird’s eye view snapshot of a keyword.
  2. The ability to dig in and get very granular about a particular SERP.

We’re making it easier to do both of these with our redesign. First, the SERP overview will be displayed more visually, as well as separated into its own tab so you can quickly see if a keyword is even worth looking at further.

Second, we’re going to be pulling in a lot more data for you. We’re expanding our social signals to reflect the growing importance of social in today’s competitive analysis process. We’re also grabbing more backlinks data and allowing you to perform a deep analysis on backlinks (this is still in early stages). This helps you to really deconstruct a SERP from the top down and figure out if it’s one you want to attack or if you should keep searching.

serpIQ Keyword Intent

This is a completely new feature we’re adding to serpIQ. We’re building off of Microsoft’s OCI (Online Commercial Intent) research, and creating what we’re calling the serpIQ Keyword Intent Tool (SKI). SKI is intended to give you a quick snapshot of what Google thinks users want to see when they type in a particular keyword, as well as the amount of advertiser presence for the keyword. We’ll be giving you information on the relative levels of information, products, and advertisements in a SERP to help you take a quick glance and immediately understand what type of websites are ranking in the top 10, as well as what type of sites you should build to interact well with your traffic.

Public API

We plan to have a publicly accessible API in the next 4-6 weeks. You’ll be able to run competition analyses, keyword discoveries, on-page analyses, and intent analyses. You can integrate it into your own tools or work with it in any way you choose.

There it is – all of the features, updates, and fixes we’ve got planned to release in the next 4-6 weeks. If we’re missing something that you feel like you just couldn’t live without, let us know in the comments, forums, or on support.serpiq.com!

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